The company was founded in 1989 by Luigi Rugiano who wanted to give life to a project of manufacturing exclusive and high quality furnishings.
The production center is located in Mariano Comense, in the heart of the Brianza furniture area, which, thanks to the high quality and excellence of its production, has contributed to imposing Made in Italy as a standard in the sector.
To say Rugiano is to say style; the style of those who distinguish themselves in the refinement of unique and timeless products, the style that comes to life from the collaboration with world-renowned professionals and architects, from craftsmanship.
To speak about Rugiano is to talk about philosophy: the one that expresses itself in the details, in the finely worked furniture and the leather embroideries. The philosophy that finds its maximum expression in that clean and contemporary line, and is created by being combined with elegance and wisdom.
Everything starts from the raw material: high-quality materials cannot be made without high-quality materials. This is why Rugiano uses noble metals such as bronze, brass, steel and uses top-quality leathers and fabrics. And that’s why it performs all the work in-house, taking care of every detail, even the smallest and most hidden. This is how quality is born.
Everything is born within Rugiano: from the idea, to the materials that will compose the furniture.
All this along with the production techniques and the artisan know-how made Italian furniture production famous all over the world.

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