About us


Art Marketing is a Swiss company with headquarters in Lugano. The company provides the full range of services in the art of creating interior design.
The company unites professionals with a 20-year experience on the furniture market who have established strong and extensive business ties with architects and manufacturers.
With years the company has earned the reputation of a reliable partner, whose key priority is to make clients happy.
Art Marketing speaks Russian, Italian, and English and operates worldwide.

Designing interiors

Art Marketing can boast a great pool of internationally recognized architects with impressive portfolios, who make successful careers in creating and implementing interior design projects.
Each of them has gained experience on the European market and is always attentive to the client’s preferences.
If necessary, Art Marketing can provide the project development with the help of designers and architects, working at Italian furniture factories.
Knowing the essence of production, they can find the best solutions in accordance with the client’s needs, thus revealing the strongest qualities of the furniture they manufacture.
In some cases, this option can be regarded as a bonus for the client.

Orders picking

Art Marketing offers a thorough picking and careful delivery of interior items for developed projects on favorable terms.
The company is ready to cooperate with any manufacturer of furniture, light equipment, bathroom fitment, and decorative items.
Being aware of the furniture market peculiarities, having tight contacts and a good reputation, Art Marketing always finds the best solutions for clients both in picking and prices.


There is one more service that the Art Marketing company provides in accordance with the highest standards. It is the interior design project administration.
Together with its client the company makes all the way from the wish to have a beautiful and cozy home to the moment this desire comes true.
The service embraces assistance in developing the project, getting the official project approval from the local authorities, ensuring most attractive prices for order picking, as well as adjusting disputable situations with factories and transport companies.
The Art Marketing company has successfully completed several projects in Monte Carlo, Ospedaletti, Lugano, and Moscow.

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